Chief John Nnia Nwodo

Chief John Nnia Nwodo

Chief John Nwodo

Chief John Nwodo was the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Apex Organization for the 40+ million Igbo people worldwide.

In 2017, the newly elected President Nwodo attended the Igbo World Festival for the first time. He would later declare publicly and privately that the Igbo World Festival and its organizers, the Council of Igbo States (CISA) is in a class of their own. He praised CISA for the high quality of its leadership, inclusion of dozens of grassroots organizations, support for youth skills development, and the high quality of the cultural presentations showcased at the annual Igbo World Festival which attracts Igbos and other audiences worldwide.

Chief Nwodo was so impressed that he took on the role of proud advocate for CISA. He also pledged to attend the annual Igbo World Festival throughout his four year tenure – and he kept his word. He traveled from Nigeria to the United States to actively participate at the Festival for four consecutive years.

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