At the July 27-29, 2018 Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture, there will be a big naming ceremony for DNA tested Igbos. Every year, this naming ceremony is presided by our great Igbo Kings.

We are expecting a very large African American DNA tested Igbo Group. More than 700 African Americans will be attending this year with all their churches participating actively.

Friday will be Igbo lectures including Iri Ji, Saturday will be all cultural performances, naming ceremony and gala night party. Sunday will be Church service for Ndiigbo and African Americans. Ohanaeze Ndiigbo leaders and Igbo leaders from all over the world will all be present.

Your can contact CISA President Amadiebube Mbama 510-691-0000 or CISA Planning Chairman Chudi Asidianya 905-447-3726 or me Board Chairman Nwachukwu Anakwenze 310-993-8053.

N.A Anakwenze