Igbo Village Inauguration & Igbo Festival (2010)

Igbo Village Inaugurated

On Saturday September 18, 2010, Igbo Village (aka West African Igbo Farm Village), located inside the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia, was inaugurated. This historic event was celebrated by a diverse audience from the United States and other countries.

Historic Significance

Igbo Village is the only West African farm village exhibit of its kind in America. The Village commemorates the centuries-long contributions of African (especially Igbo) ancestors who came to America as enslaved workers and made significant contributions to the economic development of Virginia and other American states.


  • Representatives of the states of Virginia and Maryland, USA
  • Representatives of Anambra State and Imo State, Nigeria
  • President and members of the Frontier Culture Museum Foundation
  • Igbo leaders and representatives of many organizations
  • A diverse audience of people from the United States and other countries

Cultural Entertainment

  • Ojionu masquerade (representing Anambra and Imo States)
  • Okpaa masquerade and Nkwa Umuagbogho dance (Ebonyi State)
  • Masquerade by WaWa Organization of Chicago (Enugu State)
  • Nwannedinamba Youth drummers (various Igbo states)
  • Ojojo Women’s Dance (Abia State) . . . and many others

First Reconnection Ceremony Organized by CISA

On the eve of the Inauguration of Igbo Village, a group of African and African American elders gathered for a ceremony titled “Handshake across the Atlantic.”

The ceremony was held in Igbo Village and marked the beginning of what is now known as the Reconnection and Naming ceremonies conducted annually at the Igbo World Festival.

igbo village dedication
Photos and Videos
igbo village dedication