4th Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture (2017)

4th Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture
The 4th Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture took place July 27-29, 2017 at Igbo Village in Staunton, Virginia, USA. This event was remarkable for the high excitement of the audience – and for good reason. See below.
New! Two Igbo schools from Atlanta, Georgia, USA made their first appearance at the Igbo World Festival. And they delivered thrilling performances that brought the audience to standing ovation – repeatedly!

New! The newly elected President General of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo, attended for the first time. He was so impressed by what he saw that he pledged to attend the annual Igbo Festival throughout his four year tenure. And he kept his word, having actively participated in the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 (virtual) festivals.

New! CISA successfully launched a new outreach and relationship-building initiative to bring Igbos and African Americans together in a non-denominational service. This service was well attended and is now part of the annual Igbo World Festival program.

Cultural Heritage Showcase included

  • Nkwa Umuagbogho dance led by Ms Immaculata Ulu
  • PILA boys and girls dance performances led by Mrs Kanayo Ntukogu
  • War Dance led by Mr Jerry Uka
  • Reenactment of Igbo (1) traditional wine tapper and (2) youths performing house chores (farm work, fetching water, etc.) by Atlanta Igbo School
  • Several music and dance performances by Focus Igbo School and Atlanta Igbo School led by Mrs Quennette Ohaya
  • Dance presentation led by Ms Lilycent Ogbuagu
  • Pageant show and dance performances led by Ms Chioma Ogueri
  • Ogene Women of Northern Virginia dance
  • Abia State Union DMV Chapter dance
  • CISA Women’s dance
  • Masquerade presentation by Ogene Northern Virginia chapter
  • Mmanwu masquerade presentation led by Chief Okey Ononaku . . . and many more
Reconnection and Naming Ceremonies

African Americans of Igbo ancestry were reconnected with their Igbo brethren and given Igbo names.

In Attendance

  • Chief Nnia Nwodo, President General of Ohanaeze Ndiigbo
  • Dr Sylvester Ugoh, former Nigeria Minister of Science and Technology
  • Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, former Chair of South East [Nigeria] Traditional Rulers Council
  • Chief Alex Ogbonna, Chair of Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Enugu State
  • Igwe Gibson Nwosu, Eze Uzu II of Awka, Anambra State
  • Igwe Dr. Emeka Ilouno of Ifitedunu, Anambra State
  • Ophie Kier, Vice Mayor, city of Staunton, Virginia
  • Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, represented by Gathoni Kamau and Nneamaka Igbonezim
  • Representatives of several Igbo organizations in America and other countries
  • Culture lovers and enthusiast from all walks of life
Photos and Videos