CISA has a well deserved reputation as the most respected organization dedicated to promoting Igbo culture in Diaspora. We have also earned praise for exemplary leadership and teamwork, among other attributes.

CISA invites well meaning, peace loving and community service oriented Igbos and supporters to consider joining us in one or more of the following capacities. Please note that membership is contingent on approval by CISA’s executive team.

General Assembly: This is a non-executive membership role. Members are expected to attend a few meetings per year via conference call and assist in other ways they can to further CISA’s development.

Outreach Volunteer: Volunteers will be expected to help CISA reach out and build a stronger network with sister Igbo organizations at the local and regional levels.

Volunteer for Occasional Tasks: Please let us know what occasional tasks you may be able willing and able to assist with.

To sign up for one or more of the above roles, please complete the form below.

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  • Brief introduction of yourself and how you can assist CISA