Reconnection and Naming Ceremony Program

Thanks to DNA testing, a growing number of people can now trace their ancestry to locations in Igbo land and other parts of Africa. Some wish to reunite with their ancestral towns and relatives, but don’t know how.

This program helps facilitate the joyful reunion (Reconnection) of DNA tested African Americans with their African relatives, after being separated by time and distance dating back to the slave trade era.


The Reconnection Ceremony typically proceeds as follows:
1) Opening prayer and breaking of kola nuts.
2) Opening hyms/songs.
3) Recognition of African American and African elders.
4) The officiating elder hands the Reconnection materials to the most senior African American.
5) Most senior African American picks and then passes “Nzu” (a chalk-like clay used in welcoming visitors, symbolizing peace, purity of heart, and acceptance).
6) Participants observe a moment of silence for ancestors.
7) Kola nut communion: this is a moment when participants commune with the Great Spirit, lesser divinities and deities; and with our ancestors.
8) Pouring of libation, followed by all participants drinking from the same cup.
9) A solemn handshake between the most senior African official and the most senior African American.
10) All participants join in handshaking with silent embraces (symbolizing handshakes across the Atlantic).
11) Singing of songs in remembrance of the sea route our ancestors traveled from their ancestral homes to America.
12) Refreshments and short speeches/reflections.
For more information, contact Ticha Akuma.

The Reconnection is followed by the Naming Ceremony in which the newly reconnected African descendants are given official African names. For more information, contact Chief Anyanwu Ututu.

Successes / Impact

The Reconnection and Naming ceremony triggers powerful and enduring connections. Virtually all participants describe the experience as among the happiest in their lives. Some participants proceed to establish homes and businesses and, in some cases, relocate to their ancestral homes.

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I am Igbo!

I am here to bring other DNA tested African descendants that have learned their ancestry back home. It is our responsibility to make sure that we connect with our family, to learn where we come from . . . And now all you have to do is point me in the right direction because we are coming home. Read more “I am Igbo!”

Chief Anyanwụ Ututu aka Chinyere Njoku Eri
DNA Tested Africans

Time to Connect Has Arrived

This event is very significant because it represents a healing. It represents a reconnection. It represents a reunification of people – our brothers and sisters born in Africa and those of us born in this country (USA). We are coming together. The time to heal is here. The time for us to connect as communities has… Read more “Time to Connect Has Arrived”

Sidney Davis (Igbo name "Eluomuno" I've arrived home)

We were Divided and Separated

Because of the strong spirit of the Igbos, of us, we have prevailed over the centuries. We continue to thrive. We continue to grow. As long as you stay together and teach us, we will be a people of strength. We will be a people of pride. We will be a people to be reckoned with through all time. Read more “We were Divided and Separated”

Ophie Kier, Vice Mayor
City of Staunton, Virginia, USA