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Below are excerpts from some of the testimonials, commendations and goodwill messages received from individuals and organizations. CISA receives dozens of such messages annually, of which only a fraction is published below.

Chisom Commends CISA

I will also thank the CISA people, and I appreciate that they have put this place [Igbo Village] together for us all. It allows to further connect with our culture. It also gives us the opportunity to meet others in our community that we may have never been able to see before. I hope that… Read more “Chisom Commends CISA”

Chisom Amaeze, Atlanta, GA, USA
Focus Children Organization

A taste of home . . . Igbo Village

I felt that the Igbo Village had the chance to be a very enjoyable and successful trip that would not only better my knowledge on Igbo Culture but also help me bridge long lasting and fond memories. I thank the people that put Igbo Village together where we can come together to celebrate our culture. Read more “A taste of home . . . Igbo Village”

Chigozie Amaeze, Atlanta, GA, USA
Focus Children Organization

My Experience at Igbo Village -1

I could tell that building this exhibit was not a simple task. Even the mud used to build the homes was shipped from the home country itself. The hard work and dedication of the creators of this exhibit is shown in the careful detailing of the Village. Even live animals were brought to enhance the… Read more “My Experience at Igbo Village -1”

Julian Ogbonna, Atlanta, GA, USA
Focus Children School

Virginia Trip Essay

My trip to Virginia was very fun, exciting, and educational. I got to learn more about where I come from and the way we dress and different things like that. I learned a lot at the Frontier Culture Museum [Igbo Village]. Read more “Virginia Trip Essay”

Ifenlota Ejikeme, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

Our Ancestors Must be Applauding

The family of Amadi O. Amadi congratulates CISA for the wonderful job of cultural renaissance they have since embarked upon in the Americas. Our Ancestors must be applauding you!

Amadi O. Amadi
Ohanaeze, South Africa

I am Igbo!

I am here to bring other DNA tested African descendants that have learned their ancestry back home. It is our responsibility to make sure that we connect with our family, to learn where we come from . . . And now all you have to do is point me in the right direction because we are coming home. Read more “I am Igbo!”

Chief Anyanwụ Ututu aka Chinyere Njoku Eri
DNA Tested Africans

Virginia (Igbo Village) Trip

But the one that I liked the most out of all the things we did, was the party. I definitely enjoyed it. We all had a great time jamming to the music, meeting new people, and going to a lot of places. For the most part this trip was extraordinary. I thank all the people that put the Igbo Village together. Read more “Virginia (Igbo Village) Trip”

Chidozie Ohaya, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

My Igbo Village Experience -1

We started having 2-3 hour practices every Sunday to ensure that we would be prepared to amaze everyone at Igbo Village. . . I had such a great time with my fellow youths and this experience made us all become even closer.

Chichi Ohaya, Atlanta, GA, USA

Igbo Village, Virginia

The visit to Igbo Village was very educational in many ways. The environments of the area was realistic, which helped when obtaining the facts given. It was entertaining, especially with the different dances presented from groups across the country.

Dumebi Ejikeme, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

My Trip to Virginia (Igbo Village) -1

We met many other Igbo dancing groups from America. We mingled with them and ended up having a great time. . . and then we danced and got the best reaction from the crowd. That was an amazing experience for me. Right after our performance, our group was interviewed. Read more “My Trip to Virginia (Igbo Village) -1”

Akumano Okafor, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo Schoo

Igbo Village Virginia Trip -1

I like the Igbo Village because it actually looked like a real representation of how houses looked like in a village in Nigeria. From the sand, to the type of pots, to the instruments that were there all reminded me of the time I went to visit Nigeria with my own family. Read more “Igbo Village Virginia Trip -1”

Elizabeth Orusa, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

Virginia Trip

I liked the dances and different group performances. I liked the first Gala Night because I was able to dance to the music the DJ was playing. I also liked the masquerades. I had a lot of fun there.

Chikosolu Ejikeme, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

My Experience at Igbo Village -2

My favorite part of my trip to Igbo Village was getting to perform with my dance group, Focus Children School, at the Worldwide Igbo Cultural Festival. Getting to perform on such a large platform really boosted our sense of unity and friendship . . . We still talk about our experiences in Virginia.

Julian Ogbonna, Atlanta, GA, USA
Focus Children School

My Trip to Virginia (Igbo Village) -2

This event really opened my eyes to see how beautiful our culture is. From the music to the dancing to the food and clothes, they all played an important role in Igbo culture. When we came back home from our trip I took it upon my self to learn more about our culture. Read more “My Trip to Virginia (Igbo Village) -2”

Akumano Okafor, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

We were Divided and Separated

Because of the strong spirit of the Igbos, of us, we have prevailed over the centuries. We continue to thrive. We continue to grow. As long as you stay together and teach us, we will be a people of strength. We will be a people of pride. We will be a people to be reckoned with through all time. Read more “We were Divided and Separated”

Ophie Kier, Vice Mayor
City of Staunton, Virginia, USA

Keep Up the Good Work!

The graceful and purposeful Ogene Women of Northern Virginia, USA commend ndi CISA (CISA members) for hosting the 2018 Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture here in Staunton, Virginia. We are proud of what you are doing for our children and their future – promoting and sustaining Igbo language and culture. Jisie nu ike… Read more “Keep Up the Good Work!”

Lolo Ngozika Okpo, President
Ogene Women of Northern Virginia, USA

Igbo Village Trip Summary/Opinion

When we performed our dance, we had the very best crowd reaction. Everyone in attendance loved Atlanta Igbo School. They shouted our name and the moment felt uplifting. I thank our Antie Queenette for including and teaching boys how to dance African dance.

Anthony Ogbonna, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo Sschool

My Igbo Village Experience -2

I appreciate what CISA has done and I want to thank them for inviting us to be a part of this Igbo Village experience. We learned so much about our culture that we never knew and for that I am grateful and would love to go again. It is something I will never forget.

Chichi Ohaya, Atlanta, GA, USA

Time to Connect Has Arrived

This event is very significant because it represents a healing. It represents a reconnection. It represents a reunification of people – our brothers and sisters born in Africa and those of us born in this country (USA). We are coming together. The time to heal is here. The time for us to connect as communities… Read more “Time to Connect Has Arrived”

Sidney Davis (Igbo name "Eluomuno" I've arrived home)

Igbo Village Virginia Trip -3

One thing I will not forget is how when we performed, everyone was on their feet and cheering us on and the crowd was so loud for us . . . More than anything, the dance performances, the masquerade, skits were my favorite part of the trip. Read more “Igbo Village Virginia Trip -3”

Elizabeth Orusa, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

Igbo Village Virginia Trip -2

Each dance group came with beautiful dance uniforms and you could tell each group had their own style of dance; some were made up Nigerian dances, traditional dances or dances that were able to incorporate both. Read more “Igbo Village Virginia Trip -2”

Elizabeth Orusa, Atlanta, GA, USA
Atlanta Igbo School

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