Overview of Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture

Over the years, the Igbo World Festival of Arts, Language & Culture has gained prominence as the most popular African Igbo cultural festival in Diaspora. The Festival is increasingly referred to as the event that serves (or should serve) as a mecca for Igbos and culture enthusiasts in Diaspora.

What you can expect at the Festival

  • Unparalleled African Igbo cultural entertainment featuring captivating dancers, masquerades, arts and crafts, fun activities … and more. No other festival in Diaspora comes close to featuring the quality and line up of Igbo cultural entertainment.
  • The venue of the Festival – Igbo Village – is the only one of its kind in Diaspora. See what a typical Igbo farm village compound looked and felt like 200 – 300 years ago. While there, visit nearby exhibits of other migrant groups who, like Igbo ancestors, contributed significantly to the development of America.
  • Learning programs for children and adults, including crafts, language, dressing and other classes.
  • Assortment of Igbo material culture (artifacts) on exhibit.
  • Talent showcase: watch Igbo youths and adults showcase their artistic talents.
  • Reconnection: a formal ceremony that reunites African Americans with their living relatives in Igbo land based on DNA test results.
  • A Naming Ceremony in which, among other things, African Americans of Igbo descent receive traditional Igbo names.
  • Group and one-on-one discussions with Igbo royalty, scholars and hundreds of attendees from numerous countries.
  • Gala Night dinner, fundraiser, entertainment, music and dance.
  • Fun activities including games and an opportunity to tour nearby attractions.
  • Opportunities for new friendships, business and networking.
  • And much more!

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Join us at the 2022 Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture.